Monday, 18 February 2019

JET - custom event wrappers

JET - v6.0.0
Source: GitHub

Since the introduction of web components (formerly known as CCAs) in Oracle JET, the HTML development pattern has become quite standardized for a developer. Almost all the UI components provided by JET development team have now been converted into custom elements, with their own set of properties, methods, events, etc.

However, there are times when your business use-case may not be sufficiently fulfilled by the components provided by default, and you may need to stretch them. One such recent use case was to return some extra information from an event raised by a JET custom element.

To demonstrate this use-case, I would use an oj-chart and its corresponding oj-drill event. When drilling is on, the on-oj-drill event handler provides us with an event object, whose detail section gives us all the information about the selected bar or pie section.

To solve the problem of adding extra information to the event, we wrapped up oj-chart inside our own web component, and added a wrapper around the on-oj-drill event to throw our own event.

The original element - oj-chart - throws a on-oj-drill event when the pie slice is clicked. The wrapper web component - hr-chart -  intercepts this event, adds some extra information, and throws a new CustomEvent - on-drill-down.

When the custom wrapper event is printed on the console, we see the desired custom information, along with the original information passed on by the JET element.

A more practical example of this feature has been explained in this blog.


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