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Tuesday, 17 March 2020

JET - with mongodb, nodejs and express

JET - v7.2.0

We all talk about the MEAN stack and the MERN stack. What about a MongoDB-Express-Nodejs-Jet stack this time? Can we call it the MENJ stack? I started on a POC and ended up on a full-blown cloud implementation of the stack. Sharing the POC results below.

Test users: refer to README.

Source code:
Oracle JET: (GitHub) hr-store
Node/Express: (GitHub) hr-server

The location/department/employee objects have been made similar to those from the HR schema, including the master child relationships. The master-detail page in the JET app implements this relationship.

Since I wrote my own middleware, I had the freedom of customizing the REST data to a standard easily suited to JET. However, I did have to extend the JET framework to support custom URL call and pagination.

This blog post may help you further to understand the master-child and search model implemented in this POC.

The front-end JET code has been deployed on heroku server. The Node/Express middleware is running on another heroku instance. You may access and play around with the deployed instance @

Disclaimer: since the front-end, middleware and database are all running in 3 different servers, the performance of the deployed instance is quite disappointing. But hopefully it will let you gain some amount of insight with the stack.